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White Goose

Operating since 2019. under the family farm Bijeli Gusak. We produce fruit brandies with new technological guidelines, but without neglecting the knowledge of our ancestors.

All our fruit brandies are prepared in the reflux rectification distiller Nixon-Stone, which is made exclusively for our needs, plums are from organic farming, while quinces, pears and apples are delivered from family farms in our area and from orchards with a long tradition of production.

Our good approach was also recognized by   the domestic profession, which awarded us a silver medal at Croagra 2019. year At the Craft spirits Berlin fair, we were recognized by the international scene by awarding us a bronze medal for plum brandy 2020. year. 


Craft distillery

A small brandy producer focused exclusively on the quality of its fruit brandies.

Eko uzgoj voca

Eko farming

The fruit we use to produce brandy is obtained from organic production.


Slavonian tradition

We use new technological guidelines but do not neglect the knowledge and experience of our ancestors.

White Goose cocktail

by Otto Grundman, Nobu Restaurant, London

Apple brandy

0.2| 0.5 | 0.7L 40% Alc.

Williams brandy

0.2| 0.5 | 0.7L 39% Alc.

Quince brandy

0.2| 0.5 | 0.7L 40% Alc.

Plum brandy

0.2| 0.5 | 0.7L 40% Alc.

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+385 91 422 4046


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