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Family farm White Goose

We will place the beginning of this short story and get to know us in 2013. , although it started long before. In fact, that story has always been in us, and we just needed to start telling it. We said that 2013 was important but only due to the fact that we then established a family farm. That year we planted the first plum plantation, on a little more than half a hectare. Next year, we planted half a new hectare and then more and more, and now we will have almost two hectares under the plum orchard, to which we have added some apples. We have added 4.2 ha of walnut plantations to these hectares, which will be partly turned into a new quince plantation, and we hope white and black mulberry. Along with the establishment of permanent crops, we began to build a much more important story, and that is organic production, so that, after the mandatory transition period, all areas are in full ecological status.

OPG Emerik Pisl sljiva
Destilerija Bijeli Gusak

White Goose Distillery

And of course, after this short history of our family farm we come to what we present on this website. And that is the White Goose Distillery. As we love challenges and never stand still satisfied with what we have achieved, but strive for something new, different and, above all, inspiring, we have started to produce fruit brandies. Like everything else, we approached this studiously, studied new technological guidelines while respecting the knowledge of our ancestors and created fruit brandies that capture the attention of all who tried them, but also a profession that is only a few days old for plum brandy. (because brandy must ripen, to be what it is, a minimum of 8 to 12 months) awarded a silver medal at Croagro 2019 . So we are on the right track and we do not intend to leave it.

Craft fruit brandy

All our fruit brandies are prepared in a reflux rectification distiller Nixon-Stone made exclusively for our needs, plums are from organic farming, while quinces, pears and apples are delivered from family farms in our area and from orchards with a long tradition of production. With all this, we hope to cheer you up, both with the design of the website, and the visual identity of our distillery and fruit brandy.

destilator Nixon-Stone
Rakija dunja Bijeli Gusak

White Goose Distillery

We are satisfied with what has been achieved so far, but we do not intend to stop there. We want to be better and more innovative every day by creating fruit brandies, which, when served, you will not be ashamed of, but will present them with a unique combination of nature and man, made to complete all the moments of your life. And it will make us better and prouder, giving us an incentive for the future.

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