Fruit brandies and gin

Plum brandy

Sljivovica Bijeli Gusak

Name: Plum brandy
Alcohol: 40%
Packing: 0.2L | 0.5L | 0.7L

For a long time, like all other brandies in our area, plum brandy was almost completely neglected in terms of quality, and in the minds of consumers of spirits was sometimes justifiably neglected. The plum brandy of the White Goose distillery breaks down all prejudices and takes you on a journey full of amazing aromas and unique taste. At first glance, there is a slight yellow color of brandy obtained by maceration of prunes in the distillate. Guided by the French technological process of ripening outside the oak barrel, applied in the production of plum brandy, we avoid the dominance of tannins, leaving this brandy pure fruit aromas with a slight hint of floral aroma and strong dominance of plum fruit flavor. Our plum brandy goes to the first ripening of 2 months after the first distillation as the so-called soft brandy. This is followed by a second distillation, with precise separation of fractions and new maturation of the brandy in neutral stainless steel and glass vessels, without contact with light. In accordance with modern technological guidelines, over the next few months we are reducing brandy to drinkable intensity with demineralized water. Of course, this was preceded by controlled fermentation under anaerobic conditions, and the fermentation was technologically mature fruit, which was deboned and ground to use selected selected yeasts and enzymes, and double distillation resulted in a superior product. The plum brandy of the Bijeli Gusak distillery is a blend of three brandies: Čačanska ljepotica brandy, Čačanska rodna brandy and Top taste brandy, with each plum giving its aromatic contribution, and then this unique product.

Quince brandy

Name: Quince brandy
Alcohol: 40%
Packing: 0.2L | 0.5L | 0.7L

It takes a lot of passion, patience and a lot of nerves to make this much-appreciated brandy. But the end result leads to all the problems in its production being forgotten, because the unique aroma of quince dominates so much that no one can resist it. However, in order to reach the ultimate goal, spectacular taste and full aroma of the distillate, it is necessary to go through several very important stages. The first and most important of these is that this is a quince brandy only, not as with many apple and quince blends. This is followed by the preparation of fruit for fermentation, which means that the quince is fully ripe, followed by grinding and preparation of mud, and slow fermentation. Patience is most important with quince, especially because fermentation takes place in late autumn and fermentation processes are slower and somewhat longer. After the fermentation is completed, very careful distillation is performed, because quince brandy is known to have increased levels of methanol, so strict adherence to the instructions on separation of fractions must completely avoid its presence or reduce to legal measures. After the distillation of the brandy, it goes to aging in neutral vessels in which its uniqueness in the world of fruit brandies is completed.


Name: Williams brandy
Alcohol: 39%
Packing: 0.2L | 0.5L | 0.7L

Clear and colorless, with a characteristic aroma, intense but harmonious taste and unsurpassed aroma of freshly picked fruit, long-lasting aroma that permeates the oral cavity, and yet so fresh and soft finish. This is Williams White Goose distillery brandy. Like all our brandies, and in order to preserve all the aromatic specialties that make brandy the queen of strong alcoholic beverages, Williams brandy was created by double distillation. In this case, and this is crucial for the premium quality of this brandy, we uncompromisingly carried out the separation of fractions during distillation, which resulted in a brandy with a strong aroma, so unique in the world of fruit brandy.

After harvesting, the fruit ripened for another two weeks in suitable conditions, which led to its full technological maturity. This was followed by grinding, the addition of selected yeasts and enzymes, controlled fermentation and, of course, double distillation.

What we are proud of is that by following the technological guidelines during fermentation we avoided adding water to the mud, thus avoiding the deterioration of the quality of this brandy, preserving its full aromatic potential, which manifested itself in full glory after maturing and reducing the brandy to potable strength. And yes, this is Williams brandy craft distillery White Goose without added artificial flavors, whose use on the market is more the rule than the exception.

Apple brandy

Name: Apple brandy
Alcohol: 40%
Packing: 0.2L | 0.5L | 0.7L

Balanced aromas, full of freshness and above all drinkable, apple brandy from the White Goose distillery is something that will not leave you indifferent. Whether you drink it as an aperitif, or use it in our cocktail prepared for you by our friend Otto Grundman, this is a fruit brandy that delights everyone who has tasted it. The strong aroma of the fruit, the sensual seductiveness of the scent of freshly picked apples and the almost perfect drinkability make this brandy a product for true connoisseurs and connoisseurs of good taste. Our apple brandy is a combination of several varieties, each of which contributes to the final product, making this fruit brandy special.

Gin No.1

gin bijeli gusak

Name: Gin No.1
Alcohol: 40%
Packing: 0.2L | 0.5L | 0.7L

Knowing that the path we took would lead us to gin, today probably the most interesting product among spirits, we did not want to leave anything to chance, so we created, played, tried, distilled, weighed it. And so again and again and again until we created gin White Goose No.1. Its mild aromatic profile allows you to enjoy gin by drinking it alone or to create cocktails with it that will be a real refreshment in the summer months. Unrepeatable note of cardamom, rounded with hints of ginger, citrus and cinnamon, with the addition of an ingredient characteristic of the Pannonian plain, and some spices that we do not want to reveal are what makes gin White Goose No.1 unique and unrepeatable product in our offer. And don’t think that we stopped the game, we will soon finish the gin White Goose No.2, then No.3 and who knows how much more is ahead of us.

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